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For the very best sweet and savory pies in Newton, MA, look no further than Country Desserts! There’s something beautifully nostalgic about homemade pies. There’s bound to be a certain pie that you link to your childhood or one that evokes very particular memories and emotions. If you’re craving that warm nostalgic feeling, visit Country Desserts in Newton, MA today.

When we dream of pies, we think of their crispy, flaky pastry, their glistening glazed fruits, their heavenly aromas, and of course, the delectable flavors that make pies a classic crowd-pleaser. Pies have been baked by grandmothers and great grandmothers for centuries. Yet today, modern pies are not much different than those from way back when. That’s because there’s simply nothing to change.

At Country Desserts, we don’t mess with a good thing! All of our pies are made just like grandma used to make them – with love, passion and mindful care. Our bakers have been baking pies and other delicious sweet treats for numerous years, making us the professionals when it comes to fresh and satisfying traditional cakes and pies.

The wide selection of pies in our bakery display cabinets is sure to tempt you quickly. If you’re in need of a nutritious and delicious dinner for the family, don’t settle for processed fast foods. We offer far superior large homemade savory pies that will easily feed a family of four. If you’re in the mood for a sweet, after-dinner indulgence, come by and fetch a decadent sweet pie for dessert.

Both our sweet and savory pies are perfect for family gatherings, especially if you’re too busy to do a lot of cooking yourself. Choose one of our pies to take with you to a family dinner, or take all the credit at your own hosted dinner come dessert time with one of our scrumptious sweet pies.

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