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About Country Desserts

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Country Desserts aims to be your number one neighborhood bakery in Newton, MA. We guarantee wholesome homemade sweet treats and desserts that will put a smile on anyone’s face. We accompany our high quality products with friendly and hospitable service.

At Country Desserts, we endeavor to make use of only the highest quality ingredients and traditional baking processes, which results in the most excellent baked goods and treats. We make use of only the safest and most hygienic methods of preparation to ensure that not only are our products delicious, but as safe as possible too. At Country Desserts, we place high priority on cleanliness and correct hygiene practices.

When visiting Country Desserts, you will note that our bakery has a cozy atmosphere where you can make yourself at home, emphasized by the hospitality provided by our helpful counter staff. Our baked goods are all made on-site by our passionate family bakers. That is what sets Country Desserts apart – we offer a family-orientated experience and service that you can trust.

All of our cakes, cookies, pies, and other baked goods are made with love. When you order a custom cake, it is guaranteed to receive our utmost care and attention. Come and browse our delicious selection of ready-made baked goods, or call us for custom orders.

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